December 2013

We would like to thank Stephan Roy for contacting us and welcome him to the extended family


Stephan Roy was introduced to the art and fun of ceramics at the age of 12. With the support of his family, Stephan continued his art and was recognized by winning seveal grant's, scholarship's & awards's in his early teen's

During this time he was fortunate enough to study under knowledgeable ceramic artists, including Chris Cox, Richard White, Tom Gaines, Fred Olsen & Paul Soldner.

Stephan's work is now shown in museums & galleries around the world. Working with companies like Smithsonian, Coldwater Cree and Harry & David's to mention a few haspushed him to contantly break the boundaries and create new and exciting pieces.

He looks forward to share a piece of his heART with you.

Art Style

Raku is a traditional art form originated in Japan in the 16th century. The term Raku is derived from the family name of potters credited with the development of low-fired earthenware bowls and other implements used in the contemplative Zen tea ceramony

Stephan has taken the ancient art form and developed his own line of Raku vessels and urns. Each is hand-thrown and very unique.

The firing process is very dramatic and intuitive. The work is fired between 1500 and 1900 degrees. Immeidiately thereafter, the kiln is opened and the work is removed. It is then placed in a pit of pin needles and leaves which ignites an explosion of flames. It undergoes a radical transformation, while smoking and reducing wildly. This technique produces the vibrant colors and crackles.

December 2013

from the Roy collection

Roy Pottery Roy Pottery

Roy provided us with image samples of his lastest creations

February 2009

from the Jubin collection

Roy ceramic Raven Plate Roy ceramic plate signature Roy ceramic salmon plate

Roy ceramic of Raven, his signature and Salmon