R J Avessuk  

Tahaghina Reginald Joule

Nome, Alaska

(       - 2004)

January 2013

from the Johnny "RedDog" Pierce collection

Avessuk original sketch

Avessuk original sketch


March 2009

from the Lois M. Wilson collection

two Eskimos dancing, two Eskimo drumming with Aurora Borialis

Two Eskimos dancing while two Eskimos are drumming, with the Aurora Borealis


January 2005

from the Mr. Paul Webber collection

Katexac Grandmother Avessuk ~ Polar Bear and Walrus close up Avessuk ~ Walrus Hunt Avessuk ~ Walrus Hunt close up

Polar bear and walrus in the Arctic

Eskimo has a successful walrus hunt


January 2012

from the Sweeney collection

Avessuk ~ Caribou Avessuk ~ Eagle Head Avessuk ~ Walrus Avessuk ~ Polar bear Avessuk ~ Eskimo Hunter

Avessuk Caribou, Eagle Head with ouline of State of Alaska, Walrus, Polar Bear and Eskimo Hunter