Alvin Eli Amason

Kodiak, Alaska

(1948 -    )

March 2015

from the Gherman family collection

Amason original Pretty Good Company

Amison original ~ Pretty Good Company


January 2013

from a private collection

Amason print Walrus goes ooh-a ooh-a ooh

Kongit (Reindeer) (Qaglamina) (sp) Bernard Katexac - 64


June 2009

from the Sweeney collection

Amason print Moose for You

Amason print titled Moose for You




A list of known Alvin Amason prints:

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  • "Every Time I Come Here"

  • "My Oh My" - poster

  • "Otters Love Baby Ducks" - poster

  • So Pretty To Me, #/60, 1983

  • "You And Me, We Got Stars", #/90, 1983