Welcome to Ahgupuk Art ~ Specializing in Alaskan Art


Ahgupuk Art ~ specializing in Alaskan Art is online museum is dedicated to our grandfather, George Twok Aden Ahgupuk, an Inupiat Eskimo Artist from Shishmaref, Alaska.


Family members, friends and business associates have contributed a great deal of information and artwork to make this website successful. Through his artwork, our grandfather touched many lives and gave people a true feeling of The Great Land of Alaska.


The website has expanded over the years to include famous and, even not so famous, native and non-native artists. A sampling of artists inlclude Robert Mayokok, Florence Nupok Malewokuk, Kivetoruk Moses, Melvin Olanna, Ellen Henne and Harvey Goodale.


We look forward to hearing your stories and seeing your artwork. As we are always looking to expand our collection, we welcome your e-mail or telephone calls regarding Ahgupuk or Alaska artwork you may wish to donate or sell.

Some examples of the finest Alaskan artists featured are Ahgupuk, Mayokok, Walluk, Malewotkuk